By Kyeong Il Shin

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May 26, 2022

With BroadcastAsia 2022 less than a week away, we’re excited that we’re once again able to meet with our customers and technology partners in Singapore. Optimism for OTT growth in the region is high at the moment, with APAC OTT revenues expected to reach $52 billion in 2027.

Given the growth path for OTT in the Asia-Pacific territory, we’re seeing an explosion of video streaming services. As consumers embrace video streaming, pay-TV operators need to respond with not only a focus on how to attract subscribers, but also on how to retain them.

Content Aggregation and UX are Critical to Subscriber Satisfaction
Integrating OTT into the pay-TV user experience (UX) will thus be a major trend at BroadcastAsia 2022. By offering a unified UX on set-top boxes (STBs) you can simplify the management of your customers’ subscriptions, minimize their need for other competing devices and keep them on your platform for longer to increase brand loyalty, while at the same time helping them find content more easily.

Research by nScreenMedia revealed that finding something good to watch, whether through recommendations, or notifications about new content, was important to almost half of the consumers who were surveyed and a key driver of subscriber retention.

So how can you elevate your UX to meet the challenge?

4 Ways to Improve the Pay-TV UX
Here are a few ways you can boost the UX for your subscribers:

  • Aggregate OTT content access: Consumers don’t watch TV like they used to. As we’ve seen, beyond watching traditional TV they’re also watching OTT content from more and more sources and at a growing rate. To keep customers engaged with your pay-TV service, it’s now mandatory to also provide access to the popular global, regional, and specialist apps that subscribers increasingly want to watch.
  • Unify the UX around broadcast and OTT apps: As an operator you need to ensure that all that entertainment can be accessed by subscribers in a consistent and easy way. That starts with bringing together all TV content — broadcast and OTT — in a single unified UX. That UX should, at the same time, help you achieve your business objectives by providing you with full control over layout and content promotion.
  • Tap into the potential of smart TVs: Using the power of the latest smart TV platforms you can now give subscribers all the features of your pay-TV service without requiring a STB. This not only saves hardware capex, but it can also open up new customer segments and allow new business models to be introduced bringing additional momentum to your business.
  • Future-proof the UX: New apps and OTT services are constantly being released. By deploying a cloud browser-based experience you can keep both content and features up to date, ensuring subscribers are fully engaged with your service, while at the same time extending the lifetime of your costly STBs.

Let’s Talk UX at BroadcastAsia 2022
Pay TV is evolving, and it’s important for operators to adapt. If you’d like to learn more about how Vewd can help elevate your UX, we’d love to connect with you at BroadcastAsia 2022, held June 1-3 in Singapore.

Vewd will have a private demo suite at BroadcastAsia to showcase our latest products, including the Vewd OpX complete STB UX for operators, Vewd Operator TV for your own, branded smart TV, and the Vewd Atom cloud browser for low-end set-tops.

Our private demo suite is located at the Conrad Centennial Singapore near Suntec. To connect with us at BroadcastAsia, fill out a meeting request today! We look forward to seeing you in Singapore!